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This exquisite candle offers a sweet and creamy fragrance that you won’t be able to resist. It has an inviting top note of butter with a middle note of cream, leading down to a bottom note of luxurious vanilla. Every scent is carefully blended to evoke the warmth of home with its rich and creamy aroma.

This artisan-crafted soy candle provides pure aromatherapy for those precious moments when all you want is a little tranquility. Thanks to its phthalate-free wax, it produces clean and non-toxic fragrances that are sure to enjoy for hours on end. What’s more, this candle is housed in an elegant glass jar with a secure glass lid so that you can easily move it around without worry.

Experience absolute relaxation with Vanilla Butter soy candle! With its luxurious yet delicate fragrance, this stunningly scented candle is perfect choice for any special occasion or just winding down after dinner. So add some sweetness and style your room with this captivating scent today

Vanilla Butter

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