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Erase the toxins of everyday living with our Organic Basil, Sage and Mint Herbal Soap. A perfect blend of three essential herbs, it's now easy to cleanse your skin with a natural and organic product that will not only keep you smelling fresh but also nurture your skin away from any potential damage. Our vegan cold processed soap is ideal for anyone looking for a natural way to take care of their bodies.
Basil infuses these properties which help nourish dark circles and increase circulation whilst sage stimulates cell regeneration giving you smoother radiant skin. It doesn't stop there, mint is an astringent which will brighten up your complexion restoring your skins former vibrancy whilst treating acne and minimising blackheads all at the same time.
Organic Basil, Sage and Mint Herbal Soap is the perfect solution for healthy glowing skin all day long. Cleanse responsibly and keep your body in harmony with this gentle combination of herbs.

Organic Basil, Sage and Mint Herbal Soap

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