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Introducing Amish Harvest Soy Candles! Our newest addition to our family of luxury products combines the warmth and richness of a traditional Amish style harvest with a modern touch.

Let the timeless and comforting scent of cinnamon, clove, and honeyberries engulf your home with this delightful fragrance. Start with a warm base note of spicy clove, complemented by tantalizing butter cream and spice cake while being sweetened by the sensual vanilla. All together, this unique blend creates an irresistible aroma that will surely bring joy to any environment.

Our soy candles are housed in a beautiful glass jar with a sleek glass lid to provide you with hours of relaxation as aromatic candlelight dances around your safe haven. Let the ambiance take you away and let yourself be surrounded by Amish Harvest Soy Candle's unparalleled decadence!

Amish Harvest

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