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Are you in need of some peace and relaxation? Our Vanilla Lavender Soy Candle is the perfect choice to create a cozy and soothing atmosphere. Crafted using natural soy wax, this candle combines a delicate blend of French lavender, nutmeg and ginger spices with sweet vanilla bean. When lit, these fragrances intertwine to form a rich spiced floral aroma, while the creamy essence of vanilla softly lingers on. Not only will you smell the calming scent of this candle in your home, but you can also benefit from aromatherapy or emotional wellbeing through inhalation. This highly aromatic yet long-lasting candle comes packaged in an elegant glass jar with a lid for safekeeping and is free from phthalates for your peace of mind. So light up some stresses away with our Vanilla Lavender Soy Candle—sort of like therapy in jar!

Vanilla Lavender

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